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ArtMoose Live Video with artist Adam Stone

ArtMoose show host Roshelle Baier interviews artist Adam Stone during a live stream at  Licensing Expo 2014 held at the Mandalay Bay in the exciting city of Las  Vegas.

Born into a family of professional painters and  sculptors. Adam started selling his art work professionally at the age of 17  on the boardwalk in Venice Beach, California. Growing up inside of his  hyper creative family, that provided him with invaluable support to pursue all  of his creative endeavors.

ArtMoose Interview with Ted Blaylock

Ted Blaylock grew up in the St.  Louis, Mo. area.  During his early adult life, Blaylock held a variety  of tough jobs, all far removed from the art world.  Self-taught, Blaylock set out for a full time career  in 1965 and opened his own art studio and gallery in Collinsville,  Illinois in 1969.  In 1972, the Blaylocks headed west to Arizona to  exhibit and further his art career.  For the past thirty years,  Blaylock's art is greatly  respected and is the centerpiece of many affluent collectors

ArtMoose Interview with artist Nick Mayer

ArtMoose show host Roshelle Baier interviews Nick Mayer—artist,  naturalist, biologist and fly-fisherman during the Licensing Expo held  at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. They discuss how he goes  beyond typical paintings of marine life to the art of capturing the  nuance of each individual creature.


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